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Constitutional Law

We are committed to assisting people secure their constitutional rights.

Media & Internet Law

Identify, protect, and monitor intellectual property assets.

News About Our Practice

After over a decade serving clients, the firm is closing our practice.

Alan Gura will continue to practice in a new firm setting.   Alan has moved to Gura PLLC.

Laura Possessky will be moving to an in-house position. Laura may be reached through the website contact form.  

Practice Areas

We focus on comprehensive legal solutions that make sense and meet client needs. Gura & Possessky, PLLC provides legal services principally in the following practice areas:

Appellate Litigation
Persuasive. Focused. Concise. Effective. Time and again, our strong appellate advocacy record demonstrates that we can take cases to the next level. Our firm has successfully appeared as lead counsel in a variety of cases before the United States Supreme Court and federal appellate courts throughout the country. Whether representing parties seeking to preserve or reverse a lower court’s outcome, or an amicus curiae seeking to enhance the court’s understanding by adding perspectives overlooked or undeveloped by the parties, we can help.
Constitutional Law
From defending a brewery’s right to free expression on beverage labels, to holding police officers accountable for misconduct, to ensuring that individuals may access gun ranges for safety training and recreation, we are committed to assisting people secure their constitutional rights. The prosecution of civil rights cases is no simple matter. Constitutional law is complex, and government officials who do not want their authority questioned or curtailed will vigorously contest any claim of wrongdoing. Yet time and again, we have proven that we have what it takes to ensure that viable civil rights claims receive full and effective representation. Among our achievements, we persuaded the Supreme Court to recognize that the Second Amendment secures a meaningful individual right that binds state as well as federal government officials. But while not every case will establish landmark constitutional law, we always take seriously our role in assisting the courts ensure that government officials obey the law.
Intellectual Property
Navigating protection of intellectual property rights is often a complex matter.  It is critical to properly identify intellectual property assets, determine an effective protection strategy and ensure that an adequate monitoring system is in place.  We work with clients to identify and implement effective protection plans and to enforce intellectual property rights through a variety of dispute resolution strategies. Projects that we work together with clients to develop and maintain include:

  • Trademark registration portfolios
  • Copyright registration portfolios
  • Content libraries
  • Licensing programs
Internet and Computer Law
Media & Entertainment Law
Many creative entrepreneurs are looking for integrated and comprehensive legal solutions.  We endeavor to work with clients on the “Big Picture.”  Because a creative business can seldom be divided into parts, the legal solutions need to be integrated to meet the needs of each project and venture.  Instead of dividing a project up into copyrights, trademarks, contracts and working on each aspect individually, we work with clients to ensure that the legal solutions on each aspect of a project fit into the client’s overall goals.  Sometimes that involves navigating the range of contracts, legal protections and risk assessments needed for a creative project.  Sometimes it means figuring out how the long range goals of a creative business develop into lifetime goals of retirement and providing income for family members.
Small Business Law

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